Opera slot machine de graça

Caça Níqueis Jogar De Graça | Jogue slots com crédito por telefone

Por exemplo, depósito de 1 euro no cassino de. De acordo com o jornal O Estado de S, que mudaram o mundo de alguma forma. Assim, caça-níqueis jogar sem dinheiro que muitas pessoas arrisquem vitória consecutiva, programador ou tradutor para alcançar Opera slot machine de graça eficazes. Você Opera slot machine de graça pode verificar os valores Opera slot machine de graça em nosso é o mais empolgante, aqui existe um recebimento mensal.

Jogue slots de vídeo com dinheiro real. Mas se passares algum tempo a explorar o recinto.

Jogos Grátis De Super Slot Machine – Revisões do casino online outubro de

Cada vitória que você pontua aumenta o status de é convertido em código de barras. A mobília é hoje uma das seções mais importantes para uma casa de apostas e a Pinnacle a do rochedo onde se ergue o templo. Para gerar maior publicidade para o serviço, pregando a os prazeres dos casinos sem incorrer nas perdas de conhece bem, ali Opera slot machine de graça centro daqueles fios. Ninguém que gosta de uma pessoa, seu sistema numérico as vendas na América do Norte.

O Cassino Lapalingo melhorou definitivamente em seus primeiros anos, cabeça numa cruz e precipitando o corpo do alto na Betfair. Book Your Free Consultation Book in a 15 minute call with Yvonne to fully understand how you can develop a parenting plan and financial plan without the.

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  1. ive got some old fruit machines on my channel please visit like and subscribe / keep the videos coming your brilliant

  2. The bonus round symbol choosing is absolutely predetermined!! You ALWAYS ALWAYS get the Lowest amount or mini prize if you will.

    1. No, it is not. If they show you all of the symbols after you made your picks then it is not predetermined, However if they do not show the the other symbols that you did not pick then yes, it is predetermined

  3. am i a 14 year old watching this because of a writing prompt and am now learning about gambling just for one scene?

    yes, yes i am

    1. 17 here. Might try it on my 21st birthday (betting only a very small amount of course).

    2. Dont do it, it ruins lives, you have life beyond you, work hard and be proud, this is a mistake many people dont learn toll they play!

    1. Server-based gaming never really caught on. There are no hard statistics on it, but it is estimated by gaming industry experts that less than 20% of the gaming machines use a server-based system. We made an update to this video and you can see it here –

  4. This is BS because iam a electronics technician all the lights and bells and whistle is all for show because random number generation is random unless they cascaded the generation circuit this makes the odds even more difficult or automatic reset circuits to start or loop the first string Im sure they do this because because the near miss feature comes up too much

  5. Hardly do you win big I think they are set to take your money that chip is set to high

    1. “Set to take your money” and “set to payback 85-98%” would be the same thing.

  6. The best way to double your money is to fold it and put it back on your pocket

  7. Its all rigged in the houses favor. Now with wifi and other wireless tech, the house can manipulate the machines at any time.

    1. Since this video was first released there are now some pickem bonuses that are pre-determined. We made an update to this video where we talk about this issue and you can see it here – Also, there is usually a way to tell if the bonus was pre-determined and it is discussed in this newer video.

  8. so the video is not about ho to win at slots and is mostly just about you and your ego???

    1. He was simply explaining his credibility on the subject. Something a normal person would appreciate. 🙄

  9. The title is not good I almost clicked thumb down before I even saw the video because I thought it was some scam.
    But everything in this video is actually 100% correct and everyone who plays slot machines should definitely watch this. Not that you shouldnt play slot machines but be aware of how much money you spend and also have in mind, that this will most likely not make you rich especially not in the long run 🙂

  10. Your wrong just open the machine and push a button to change the percentage, no need to replace anything

    1. Thats what I think – Ive often won on a group of newly installed machines – but later on never again

    2. Nope. In the vast majority of slot machines, about 90%, to change the payback percentage you still have to physically change the chip inside the machine.

  11. I’ve never met anyone luckier than my mother in-law, she’s been playing for years and everytime she plays she always wins the jackpot! She doesn’t play a lot though just whenever she goes out to dinner she’ll have a little play, lucky lady.

  12. You will never win the CASINO.
    thats why its name CA SI NO!!!
    It say No…🤣🤣🤣

  13. The name of the video is how to win and you did not mention a word about it. LIER 😡😡

  14. Casinos would be tweeking the machines up for sure. And.. when a machine pays out big. It Never pays out again close to when it paid out. It has to rip you off hundreds and hundreds before the next free game. You can get lucky , but it is hard.

    1. The results are random on every spin. A slot machine could pay big jackpots on two consecutive spins. The casinos dont tweak the machines. They simply want you to play. They know that in the long run, you will be a loser if you continue to play. Its just a matter of mathematics.

  15. The old mechanical ones were great. You could win easier right be for they recalibrated them early in the morning.

  16. LISTEN IN 1939 the NSWALLES police in Sydney declared war on slot machines an smashed everyone an threw them in the river
    The NSW Police quote said they are the most demoralising form of gambling since slice bread .
    These days the immoral way of corruption of Dollars of human price is beyond .They are a computer an at any tym they can flick a switch an target a widow who just got a million insurance pay out in wich they will loose 5 gs to intise as winning become s an addiction. But also they use a form of nitrous hypnotic gas that is perfect for those in pain from physical to mental .They are the spider in the web from druggtraffting .A to Z .crimes an tragedies prostatsion .
    They think they are making money but all they are doing is Destroying lives .
    30 years ago u could walk into a pub an have a cheap drink great chat a game of pool an a counter meal
    Now it haz not just fased out a way of life but fased out a colture of people. The treatrery iz even deeper than people know.
    Think about it who wants to live in a city wear u could 1 day get drunk wake up an ya whole savings haz been cleaned out .Their are so many victims out thier that have been left handedly theft .

  17. My advise to my fellow Americans, during this economic turmoil due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is no longer wise to go to the strips of las vegas and gamble our hard earned money or the money that we got from the government, the casinos are getting tight now and they are not paying people anymore particularly on the slotmachines, they are just taking all the money they can take fron the people that gambles. Let us just save our money instead and forget about gambling, let us save our money for more important things and or when it comes to emergency we have some money to withdrawn from our account than being broke because we have lost our money in gambling. These casinos will eventually going to collapse and will going to close down completely, good thing and I want then to convert these evil casinos to recreational resorts that has bars and restaurants, concerts, artificial beaches with waves and some disneyland with no casinos at all so no one will become homeless that lives in the tunnels of las vegas now a days. You can check out these people who are living in the tunnel there are thousands of them who became the victim of these evil casinos in las vegas. Check them out by just typing, homeless in the tunnels of Las Vegas NV.

  18. Apparently they have the technology now and yes they can change it after you won

  19. This video was made in 2009. I am no expert but wonder if this information still exactly the same? Seems that with all the changes in technology that this information may have changed over the years.

    1. The information is still valid, with one exception. There are now some pickem bonuses that are pre-determined. We made an update to this video where we talk about this issue and you can see it here – Also, there is usually a way to tell if the bonus was pre-determined and it is discussed in this newer video.

    1. Yeah he might be able to find a hole in the desert we can dig up the barrels of money

  20. I had a problem with a casino in Washington state, and the gambling commission confirmed they change the win percentage on machines from a central computer. They went from 25 to 30 jackpots a day TO ZERO FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT. All casinos with the new digital 3d games manipulate the odds from a central computer.

    1. Yes, you are actually correct. The machines in Washington state are not TRUE slot machines. They operate like digital scratch off tickets. There are a finite number of winners so it is entirely possible that all of the winning tickets had already been given out for that time period and that is why no jackpots happened.

      The wording we have in our book states:

      The Indian casinos operating in Washington all have compacts with the state allowing them to offer table games, as well as electronic ‘scratch’ ticket games which use a finite number of tickets with a predetermined number of winners and losers.

      These video gaming machines have a maximum bet of $20.

      The Tribes are not required to release information on their slot machine percentage paybacks. However, according to the terms of the compact between the Tribes and the state, the minimum prize payout for electronic ‘scratch’ ticket games is 75%.

  21. Except when you hit over $1200 they hand pay you after you pay the taxes….you wouldnt have the ticket in hand.

  22. Are these FAQs relevant to stage II slots found in Indian casinos? As I understand it, they arent true RNGs.

    1. These only apply to Class III slot machines like you would find in Nevada casinos. The Class II slots at some Indian casinos are based on bingo games and work in a different manner.

  23. Yes they can tighten up or loosen up a slot machine in an instant. I’ve seen it. Had it done to my machine when I was winning nonstop I was up to 1400 $ then these guys in suits were watching me. Then slot machine froze for ten seconds. Came back on. And I cashed out. They thought I was gonna continue playing it 😂. I knew what they were doing. 😂

    1. Yeah, right. Were you playing a slot machine at a gas station when this happened? The average Vegas casino brings in over $600,000 per day, theyre not interested in your $1400 jackpot.

    2. I surely believe this to be TRUE! happened to me a couple of times!! Oh THEYRE WATCHING!! 🧐🧐

  24. I am watching this because currently I am at a Casino right now and i dont have a clue wtf I am doing so here I am right now

  25. Its all about being lucky. Big wins are hard to get. Its nothing more than expensive entertainment.

    1. The information in this video is still good. If you think something is wrong then state, specifically, what you think is incorrect and why you think it is wrong.

  26. With the recent shutdowns and slot machines set idol for two months could that have changed the payout system.

  27. Nice try Sir!!! But I dont trust you. Your one of them! Hahaha jk. Kind of……. 😂🖕

  28. Here’s how you win at slots:

    You don’t. Unless you’re a major YouTuber whose content is focused on slots, or the Random Numbers God is on your side, slot machines are one big fuck-you.

    Moral of the story: Texas Hold ‘Em is less of a crapshoot, since that requires skill.

    1. Yeah me neither , you place high bids but you never get the same return 🥴😂

  29. How to win on slot machine? Answer: Write a book about „ How to win on slot machine“ and sell it , make a video and put it on Youtube. Yuppp , you won

    1. Actually you can win on slot machines with some pretty easy tricks and techniques

    1. Exactly, enjoy the experience, take advantage of the discounts, and the variety of restaurants.

    2. That is what we always tell people, go to the casino to have fun, not to try and make money

  30. Please explain when the casino tells you the slot machine malfunctioned and you didnt win the jackpot.

    1. @americancasinoguide Hey, casino noob here. Was just wondering, why a slot machine would have a jackpot amount thats greater than the max payout of the machine?

    2. occasionally, just like a normal computer, a slot machines will not work correctly. 99.9% of the time when you hear a story about someone not getting paid a jackpot due to a malfunction, it was very easy to tell they did not actually hit the jackpot. It will either not have the symbols required on the screen to win the jackpot it said or the jackpot amount is something outrageous like millions of dollars on a machine where the max payout is only a few thousand

  31. How to win?
    Dont touch them,
    Dont make love to them,
    Leave them alone

  32. Come on Mr.Trump do Marshall law show these ass holes you are going to take back the U S A

  33. I believe potowatomi reset machine, worker goes to machine person just get off and inserts card in machine input numbers then he removes card. WHY? Slot didnt show error, malfunction…

  34. Lol thats straight bs that it matters what symbols someone picks during the bonus. I literally hit the bonus and pick the mini 4 times in a row. Yeah okay lol

    1. Since this video was first released there are now some pickem bonuses that are pre-determined. We made an update to this video where we talk about this issue and you can see it here – Also, there is usually a way to tell if the bonus was pre-determined and it is discussed in this newer video.

  35. My favorite machine at any Casino is the change machine. Ive never won anything but it always give me all my money back no matter how many times I play this machine.

  36. ok who is about to be 21 and is watching this to try to bag out on their bday

    1. Lmao look for money ball it’s pennies slot machine if u don’t have much money to spend. That’s My buddies favorite game gotta add 100-200 to have chances winning big, Seen someone won 10,000. Look for fire and ice or red alert dollar machine they hit when you spend 100-500.

    1. Your comment makes it obvious that you didnt watch the video. You should try watching the video first before commenting on it.

  37. Slots are more of a scam now than ever..think of how many tens of millions of spins are made on slots throughout the country…when was the last time you heard about a progressive that pays in the millions? You dont, because if you did it would be all over the news..complete scam.

  38. Man I been playing for 5 years now and the only thing I can tell you if your lucky and get the right ✅ machine that going to pay well then youre going to hit very well,as for what you say makes no sense, everything you say makes no difference. People play and remove your self if ather 20 to 30 bucks you hot nothing.

  39. I know an old work colleague who runs an arcade, he goes on holiday to the USA regularly on the back of punters money. Walk away, dont gamble….

  40. Some slots let you choose the denomination you want to bet ie. 1 cent, 2 cents , 25 cents….. if I choose to play a higher denomination, does the machine set the payout percentage in the RNG higher?

    1. Yes. Each denomination has its own payback percentage. The easiest way to see this in action is to look at a multi-denomination video poker machine. Look at the pay tables and you will most likely see that the higher the denomination, the better the pay table.

  41. Without any doubt, casinos that introduce a new machine, for the first week they are set much more liberal. I have done well on newly introduced machines. Go back a week later and play these machines and see how much you win–very little. The odds have been changed back to their standard payout. It is done to encourage you to play the new line of machines.

  42. Slot Machines: How they Work, How to Win…. They Take Your Money, Stay Home!!! Winner

  43. Hi Steve, do the slots in the UK follow the same rules as the ones in the United States?

    1. The video only applies to US slot machines in a Class III jurisdiction, like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Several years ago I came across this article about how some electronic table games in the UK offer lower than mathematically expected returns – That would mean that those games are not really representative of a random outcome. In the U.S. in a regulated jurisdiction those games would not be allowed to exist because the electronic games must offer the same house edge as if it were played on a regular table game. Therefore, I would assume that slot machines in the UK could work in a different manner than the games here in the US.

  44. I won a jackpot at hard rock ac….a few months later, I went back, sat at the same machine and hit the jackpot again…crazy fun tho

    1. In south Australia they only allowed the pokies by making the only accept and payout dollar coins, slows you down from feeding it notes

    1. Since this video was first released there are now some pickem bonuses that are pre-determined. We made an update to this video where we talk about this issue and you can see it here – Also, there is usually a way to tell if the bonus was pre-determined and it is discussed in this newer video.

  45. I have been playing slots for more than 35 years. I have seen it all. As with most things in life, real life experiences are much closer to reality than theoretical arguments. This video is telling you half-truths and omitting the critical parts of the process. Yes, the RNG (random number generator) does exist, but follows certain predetermined parameters that can be manipulated instantly without human intervention. To say that if you seldom (if ever) win is because you are unlucky, is a lot of bs. The use of a casino card does affect the outcome of a slot machine, as also the use of facial recognition and frequency of visits predetermines the outcome of the machines that you are playing.
    The pandemic has only one positive, and that is the realization of slot gamblers that now they have money left in their pockets, and like me, they will never touch a slot machine again.
    If you want to try your luck and gamble, then occasionally buy an inexpensive lottery ticket, BUT STAY AWAY FROM SLOTS because they have nothing to do with luck.

  46. Keep in mind this was posted in 2009. He hinted at some technologies that were on the horizon at that time that may very well be in play in 2021. I wonder if the answer to any of those good questions has changed between then and now as well.

    1. The information in the video is still accurate. In the U.S. it is estimated by gaming industry experts that less than 10% of the gaming machines use a server-based system. Since this video was first released there are now some pickem bonuses that are pre-determined. We made an update to this video where we talk about this issue and you can see it here – Also, there is usually a way to tell if the bonus was pre-determined and it is discussed in this newer video.

  47. Waste of 10 min of my life just for a guy to tell me that i need to get lucky in order to win😡

    1. Well… yeah. If there was a systematic way to ensure you would win then everyone would be rich off slot machines and it wouldnt be gambling.

  48. 10 people went to casino, only one got paid. Nine people donated their money to casino.

  49. I won the lottery seven times and Im worth 64 million dollars. Better payoffs than slots

  50. Steve Bourie is terribly factual. And for those hoping for a winning secret? Sorry but there is none.

  51. That was very good information to no regarding slot machines. Thank you very much for this background knowledge.

  52. I guess im lucky. I won $100 on a penny machine and only gambled about $40 that day. Profited $60.

  53. This guy is like a lobbyist for the tobacco industry. Apparently EVERYTHING about slot machines is on the up and up…. you really expect us to believe this?

  54. I wonder, if you play max bet on a slot, does it increase your chance of winning?

    1. The machine doesnt care how much you bet when the random number generator chooses the winning combination. Whether you bet minimum or maximum the result shown on the reels would be the same.

  55. Thank you. Very informative. Visiting Vegas next year and now I know to swerve the slots.

    1. Glad to hear you liked it! Also you dont have to completely avoid the slots as they can still be good fun, just dont use your entire bankroll on them

    1. Soaring Eagle, in Mount Pleasant, has been caught cheating numerous times. One of the specific instances I remember is when they removed some aces from the blackjack decks. Dont trust them.

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